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Powerful Wazifa To Break Engagement

Powerful Wazifa To Break Engagement or for breaking unwanted engagement can be use to break lover engagement. Use our dua to break marriage proposal. Today’s youth is irrational and doesn’t make decisions practically. They do not even think that their quick decisions could be harsh and hurt their closed ones.

For example, the couple starts thinking about separation just after a single fight or argument and engages with someone else. If your soulmate has done the same and wants him/her to get back to you, you should read powerful wazifa to break the engagement. 

If you want to break the engagement, then you will require to have a valid reason in the first place. You cannot break the relationship without any reason. If you damage the engagement without any reason, you are hurting someone else’s sentiments. And hurting someone’s feelings could put you in trouble.

Powerful Wazifa To Break Engagement

Powerful Wazifa To Break Engagement

All the things will affect your position and image. Next time, when you try to build a relationship with someone, that person will look at you with suspicion. They will look out for you and will try to figure out the reason behind breaking up. So, it is vital to take note of all the things before breaking the engagement.

There could be a lot of reasons to break the engagement. You could not have done proper research about the family. Just after the engagement, you get to know things about your partners, which are not right. But you don’t need to worry now. We have powerful wazifa to break the engagement, which will help you get rid of the problem.

So here is the procedure of wazifa to break the engagement.

  • In the first place, you require to take any part of the bird, wooden ash, and anything of the person you want t break the relationship.
  • Collect all the things in green cloth and hold it in your right hand.
  • Now read the below-mentioned dua for 43 times.
  • After that, you must flow the bundle in running flowing water by holding it in your right hand.
  • You will get your desired outcomes in a few days.

Wazifa For Breaking The Unwanted Engagement

Wazifa For Breaking The Unwanted Engagement, We recommend solving this type of issues using the Sunnat way. It is a path given by Allah and can’t go wrong. Sometimes we tend to deviate from it, and later we have to face the consequences. If you have already made a mistake and now face some issues, don’t face it. Break the relationship right away. You have the right to break the engagement only if you have valid reasons.

But, if you don’t know how to break the engagement, then Allah is with you. So, you can seek for his help. First, all family members should sit together and discuss the matter precisely. If the issue is still out of control, we have wazifa for breaking the unwanted engagement.

Here is the procedure of wazifa for breaking the unwanted engagement

  • First, Do fajr Namaz.
  • Now read durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Then, you have to read Surah Laheb for 41 times.
  • Again, you require to recite durood Shareef dor 11 times.
  • Blow the dua on two crystals of salt.
  • While blowing, think the name of two persons.
  • Repeat the procedure for 21 days.
  • Ask Allah to do the needful for you.

Dua To Break Marriage Proposal

Dua To Break Marriage Proposal, In such cases, when you realize that your life is running out of hand because of the marriage proposals you don’t like, there is a dua to break the marriage proposal. By using the dua, you can break the non-required marriage proposals. You can save yourself from spoiling your life. The dua is also needful when your spouse demands to leave you and wants to build a relationship with some other person.

This dua will give 100% results. But, you need to do it with the whole heart. So, the intention should be clear and pure. You can also take help from some astrologers, but you don’t find it useful, then you can do it at home.

Procedure for dua to break the marriage proposal.

  • You require to do Salah five times a day.
  • It is not possible to break the marriage proposal without performing Salah.
  • After every salah, you need to read dua, which is mentioned below.
  • Allah will examine whether your intentions are pure or not. You will get to see positive results in a few days.
  • The marriage will get canceled for any reason, and you will remain safe.

Wazifa To Break Lover Engagement

Wazifa To Break Lover Engagement, A non-required relationship is not less than living in a cage or prison. No one requires that. In our culture, broken engagement or affinity is not considered a good sign. So, that is the reason many families don’t support it. In such cases, you have to tell your parents that you don’t want that relationship. After that, they will start understanding your concerns. If you want to marriage with your choice lover then read our मनपसंद लड़के से शादी करने की दुआ.

If your parents cannot understand your issue, one of the most effective processes is doing dua. Allah has the answer to all your questions, and he is capable of helping you. So, you don’t need anyone’s help apart from that. Your problem will be solved without any obstacles.

Procedure for wazifa to break lover engagement.

  • It is only one-day wazifa, and you will require some sand for it.
  • So, then keep the sand in the bowl and read the Surah fil 21 times.
  • It is essential to read the Surah fil Accurately.
  • At last, take the name of two persons you demand to divide with their mother’s name.
  • Alam tara kaifa fa’ala rabbuka bi ashaabil feel

Alam yaj’al kai datum fee tad leel Wa arsala ‘alaihim tairan abaabeel Tar meehim bi hi jaaratim min sij jeel Faja ‘alahum ka’asfim m’akool


Allah has a solution for every problem. It is better to break the relationship than living with the burden of it. So, make sure that you are practicing the wazifa with pure intentions.

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